COD has the awesome task of providing transfer, career, remedial, and lifelong learning opportunities, as well as valuable cultural experiences to all of us in District 502.  Accountability & respect for all COD stakeholders, and adaptability & pragmatism in planning & spending should go hand in hand.  The critical need to enhance enrollment and stabilize tuition & revenue for the College is both immediate and ongoing, and should be tackled in the context of an increasingly diverse student population, the precarious nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and serious economic situations faced by many in our community, largely as a result of the pandemic.  The prospect of national legislation guaranteeing free tuition for two-year public institutions presents an exciting challenge.  

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The Board of Trustees is accountable to the community for ultimate oversight of the College's efforts to fulfill its aspirational mission.  All COD stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, local businesses, taxpayers, and the community at large) deserve to be heard, informed and included in the College's planning, spending and hiring processes. 

Since 2009, the COD presidency has changed hands four times, which is  concerning to all who have a stake in the College's success.

The Board must respect faculty, whose ability to practice their craft  most directly affects student learning and success.  

The Board must be transparent to students, who rely on COD to provide a reputable & affordable education.  

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I will advocate for the continued development of innovative  programs that meet the needs of our community.  Successful programs are ones that are carefully conceived and researched, well-funded, in demand, with significant faculty and community buy-in from their inception.  These programs contribute to enhanced enrollment and revenue.

COD should vigorously pursue grant opportunities - from public and private sources - in the social sciences, humanities, STEM, and career-building disciplines. Curriculum should continue to be developed to support internships and apprenticeships.

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, COD must be a crucial resource for our community in the rebuilding of our local economy and our lives.  

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Social Responsibility

We are living in a time of great polarization and mistrust.  Belief in facts and science, a hallmark of a healthy and thriving society, is being challenged by those who espouse  disinformation and conspiracy theories. College is a time for students to think outside their comfort zones. and to hone their critical thinking skills.  


Higher education has a responsibility to educate the whole person, integrating professional ethics and social responsibility throughout the curriculum.  I will advocate for and support initiatives for this integration.

And, as COD emerges from the pandemic, we have a responsibility to reach out to all students who have faced the greatest challenges in their efforts to pursue their education.