Election Day is Tuesday, April 6, 2021!
Florence Appel
for a
Better COD
College of DuPage

Illinois Community College

District 502

Election Day is Tuesday, April 6, 2021!


Many of the challenges facing COD today actually present new opportunities for enrollment growth, financial stability and increased service to our community.  Throughout the state, declining community college enrollments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are coupled with  decreases in state revenue, yet our widespread need for excellent, affordable educational opportunities has never been greater.

As we move on from this very difficult time, COD can continue to lead the way as a provider of lifelong learning, job training and cultural enrichment for all ages in our diverse community.  As a COD trustee, I will advocate for the continued development of high quality, relevant educational programs and a commitment to invest in our students,  faculty and staff.

Proud to be endorsed by:  CODFA (COD full-time Faculty Association), CODAA (COD Adjunct Association), Congressman Sean Casten, State Senator Karina Villa, IL Muslim Civic Coalition, Lombard Village Trustee Andrew Honig, DuPage for Progress, F-IN Vote, COD Trustee Dan Markwell

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